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October Block of the Month

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BOMPairs  Periwinkle’s Present

Simplified BackGround Cuts

You will need to make 3 of Periwinkle’s Present for the mystery quilt. Print pattern as is.  Create templates with plastic or freezer paper. You must be sure all templates have 1/4” seam allowance added on all sides of your templates. Cut your pieces and mark.  The order to sew is the same as the pieces are marked. A-D is made as a set and each side with 1-4 are sets. Sew a set of 1-4 to each side of A-D to complete.
Here are the simplified BackGround Cuts other than blocks to be pieced. Applique Blocks are marked in case you want to allow extra fabric for your applique process. There are two more pieced patterns which will require BackGround fabric. Those instructions will follow this. 

Posted 10/17/2022

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